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Python for Series 60 pre-alpha 1.1.3 available

It was barely two weeks ago that the 1.1.0 pre-alpha came out, but the 1.1.3 pre-alpha of Python for Series 60 is now available on Forum Nokia!

Be sure to check out the included "", "", and "" examples to see some of the new functionality (like support for images and image manipulation, capturing key up and key down events, etc.) This build also includes some API updates (ex., Canvas has a lot of new goodies) and a new 'calendar' module. Unfortunately, what it doesn't include is updated documentation yet, so you're blazing new ground trying these new features out. As always, using the Bluetooth console and introspection will get you pointed the right direction -- but not as quickly as good docs. However, I've seen the draft for the updated API guide and it's quite good, and it should be available soon.

Congrats to everyone on the team -- there's some wonderful new functionality in this release! For questions and general discussion, please check out the Python for Series 60 discussion boards on Forum Nokia. For additional code examples, you might try Snippets as well (I've seen a few more postings there lately.)